Bay of Islands, New Zealand
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Bay Of Islands Sailing − Freewind

(cruises & tours in russell) default listing image The only way to see the Bay. Tour the Bay of Islands on board Freewind, our fast and comfortable yacht. Come for a day sail or spend the night at an island anchorage. More time to explore the islands, swim, kayak, snorkel, fish, or just relax on the beach. Private cabins − roomy inte…

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EPFD Team Trains For More Water Rescues

over a year ago: 6th April 2007
...snorkelingscuba [tags]snorkel,scubasnorkeling[tags] [dels]scuba,snorkeling,snorkel[dels] − Getting in the zone on New Zealands North Island CBS Sportsline − There is surfcasting, scuba diving, and all manner of water sports, along with boat trips to Bay of Islands a designated national park. There are hikin...

Thoughts on New Zealand

over a year ago: 13th December 2007
...My only real regret is not making it to the Bay of Islands but I cannot imagine how we would have fit that trip into the agenda. I also would have liked a chance to snorkel but the weather did not cooperate.......

Northland etc

over a year ago: 9th April 2008
...We drove up the east coast and stayed at an area called Bay of Islands for the first couple nights in the town of Pahia. We took a sailing trip around the bay which allowed us to hike around an island, snorkel, and kayak a little.......

Auckland and the North

over a year ago: 1st April 2007
...Set off for the Bay of Islands the following day with the Stray bus. On the way we stopped to see a Giant Kauri tree, snorkel at goat island and the highlight of the day was a talking Tui bird called Woof Woof I could not believe it,......


over a year ago: 7th November 2006
...Carino Day Sailing: NZ79 Catamaran sailing in the beautiful Bay of Islands. Island hop, swim, snorkel, bar bq lunch, search for dolphins. 10am − 1630pm.; Taiamai Tours: NZ49......

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Snorkel in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand