Bay of Islands, New Zealand
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sst charts omakiwi in the bay of islands



...The Bay of Islands is sometimes known as 'The Winterless North' - although that's a bit tongue-in-cheek it is true that the weather in this part of Northland is usually mild in the winter and hot in the summer. The weather is one reason why the Bay is a popular destination for outdoors activities and families looking f...

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Captain James Cook Charts New Zealands North Island

today: 11th January 2020
...Cooks last anchorage in the North Island was at the Bay of Islands, which the Endeavour reached on 26 November 1769 as she rounded the cape that Cook named for a lord of the Admiralty Sir Piercy Brett...

Noumea arrival Tuatara

today: 24th May 2020
...7th December 2008. Bay Of Islands, New Zealand Wow what beautiful weather we are having in the Bay of Islands. We are anchored in Omakiwi bay, our first foray away from our mooring in Opua with our new yacht, Tuatara...


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Sst Charts Omakiwi | Bay of Islands |
Sst Charts Omakiwi in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand