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Makana Confections

(arts & crafts in kerikeri)
Makana Confections shops arts-n-crafts photo Makana Confections produce some of New Zealands finest chocolate and confections at our boutique chocolate factory in Kerikeri − come and visit! Were set up so you can watch how we make our chocolates, taste a few samples and shop for delicious chocolates.Our hand made chocolates are…


Google Earth

...Google Earth is a pretty cool way to check out the world. It's a program which you can download for free from google, and it accesses a huge amount of info live via your internet connection. You can spin around the world, check out your favorite holiday spots, and see local photos and websites. It shows you satellite v...

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Bib Bob Shop Cup of Ting

today: 3rd October 2020
...I met Christa at the Sunday Market in Keri Keri Bay of Islands, the very tippy top of New Zealand. She is a lovely lady with amazing crafting skills and was selling many treasures she made herself. Her style is shabby chic with a touch of.....

New Cam site. Watch this space for Kite Surf shots. New Zealand..

today: 29th September 2020
...New Zealand Takeabreak Webcam Blog Takeabreak Cams are located around New Zealand. The next generation Webcam. Subscribe via RSS.. Recent Posts. New Cam site. Watch this space for Kite Surf shots. Even in paradise the lawns still need to be mowed. Praise God for ride on mowers Morning tea on the beach, paddle break. A ...

Captain Kirks Adventure Wicked Campers Blog

today: 23rd June 2020
...Inn and Eco Lodge Errant Surf Shop Facebook Page Fraser Experience Tours Inspired by Gippsland.. australia backpacking bay of islands big day out brisbane campers campervan campervans camping car hire darwin deal diving download drinking driving facebook graff heat hostels house share like us melbourne mixtape monday m...

Surf Turf Easter Edition Ramon Neilson

today: 8th April 2020
...Paihia Star Motel, Bay of Islands. blank. house click to view, CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE Looking for a change of lifestyle or a semi retirement interest. What could be better than this 3 unit motel (one spacious two bedded unit and two.....

Top 5 Road Trips TravelReflex

today: 20th June 2020
...This is where America meets the big blue Pacific, thousand foot cliffs plunge into the sea, the worlds tallest trees cling to hillsides and huge waves beckon enticingly to the surf crazed. California is huge; exploring.. Bay of Islands. The first European settlers arrived in the Bay of Islands and forged relationships ...

Diving in Northland

over a year ago: 6th March 2007
...But then there I was, suiting up at the Paihia dive shop at 8:15AM, which of course means that I was essentially stripping down to my bikini in the chilly morning air in front of two of (literally) the hottest guys I have ever seen in......


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