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Sunset Cottage

(self catered in russell)
Sunset Cottage accommodation self-catered photo Sunset Cottage unsurprisingly has amazing sunsets from its high viewpoint over Orongo Bay. With great views from its sunny location, you can see out across the Bay all the way to Waitangi and native bush areas. Long Beach has some great swimming surf, only6 minutes drive away. Orongo Bay …

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New Cam site. Watch this space for Kite Surf shots. New Zealand..

today: 29th September 2020
...m. Subscribe via RSS.. Recent Posts. New Cam site. Watch this space for Kite Surf shots. Even in paradise the lawns still need to be mowed. Praise God for ride on mowers Morning tea on the beach, paddle break. A great day for boating in the Bay of Islands World Tourism Day Check out our NZ webcams.....

Tourettes Patients Learn to Surf the Urge (RedNova)

over a year ago: 7th May 2007
...Pressure on to restore water supplies to Bay of Islands (The New Zealand Herald) Water supplies in the Bay of Islands remained under threat last night after flood damage to the treatment plant servicing the Paihia, Haruru Falls,......

McGinnis bioregional blog: Wild image before my last surf session..

today: 23rd November 2020
...a narrative with pictures of my 6 months along the Adriatic. In March 2010, the blogs new emphasis is on New Zealand. I have started a new position as a Senior Fellow at the University of Victoria Wellington (north isle of New Zealand) Case Study for Project − The Bay of Islands Marine from a couple of weeks ago,...

Surf Turf Easter Edition Ramon Neilson

today: 8th April 2020
...Paihia Star Motel, Bay of Islands. blank. house click to view, CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE Looking for a change of lifestyle or a semi retirement interest. What could be better than this 3 unit motel (one spacious two bedded unit and two.....

Top 5 Road Trips TravelReflex

today: 20th June 2020
...beckon enticingly to the surf crazed. California is huge; exploring.. Bay of Islands. The first European settlers arrived in the Bay of Islands and forged relationships with the Maoris. There are 144 islands, each with its own unique culture. You can enjoy a sub tropical climate while exploring one of the many nature w...


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