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Tapotupotu Bay, Te Paki, and Back

today: 1st February 2020
...It is one of the most beautiful places Ive been, I think, and in spite of the mosquito issue (more on this in a minute), it was one of my favorite places that weve camped in New Zealand . of a miniature keti (reed) waka, or canoe by a paddling crew in an outrigger waka, and a taniwha, or peace dragon paraded around, wh...

Holiday Highlights

over a year ago: 12th January 2008
...After failing to secure a booking for an overnight cruise at the Bay of Islands, we were back on the original plan of Northern Exposure Tours. Manginangina Kauri Walk. Cape Reinga − The Northern Tip of New Zealand. Tapotupotu Bay......

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Tapotupotu in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand