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...d with an average summer temperature of 24 degrees and year-round friendly locals. In fact, there's so much to see and do in the Bay of Islands (all sixteen kilometres of it!), that there just isn't room enough here to describe it all. It's the busiest, quietest place you'll ever come to, and it lies under the blu...

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Auckland And Bay Of Islands, New Zealand

over a year ago: 10th May 2008
...I was terrified when we were told on the plane that the temperature was around 15 degrees and it was raining in Auckland. For just over two weeks we had been lucky if the temperature dropped below 28......

Winter wonderland − Stuff

over a year ago: 18th August 2011
...Many state highways around New Zealand are this morning closed.. Yesterday, the warmest temperature was recorded in the Bay of Islands, where the mercury topped 12 degrees Celsius. The lowest daytime temperature was at Lake Rotoiti at St Arnaud, where.....

Summer partys not over til equinox comes − New Zealand Herald

over a year ago: 20th February 2011
...It may not be the news you want to hear but summer officially ends in New Zealand in just over a week − but don.. its warmest with the surface temperature about 25C around the Bay of Islands and about the 23C mark in Auckland and Coromandel Peninsula....

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Temperature in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand