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NZSBK 2010: Smith still crisp in two classes

today: 31st January 2020
...JANUARY 31, 2010: Christchurchs James Smith has double the reason to celebrate after the third round of five in this seasons New Zealand Superbike Championships on Sunday. The 30 year old printer is the only rider to tackle two classes this season.. Peter Goodwin and Pion Weedon (Bay of Islands, Papakura) 97. Credit: W...

100 years since first NZ marlin hooked

today: 12th March 2020
...It has been 100 years since the first marlin was caught in New Zealand waters on a rod and line, and game fishermen are celebrating the occasion in the Bay of Islands.President of the Bay of Islands Swordfish Club Bruce Smith said...

Somethings changed Scubagran in the Bay of Islands NZ

today: 16th July 2020
...Countdown have a limited selection of vegetables and fruits eg a bunch of silverbeet grown in New Zealand 2.99 contains 6 leaves. A bag of spinach 5.99. Granny smith cooking apples 4.98 a kilo. Trev and myself absolutely love.....


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