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Fish Spot X

(fishing in paihia)
Fish Spot X activities fishing photo Join our scheduled morning and afternoon snapper and reef fishing trips daily. (all bait and tackle supplied), or charter one of our fast fishing vessels privately. Why waste time traveling when you could be fishing We provide: All bait and tackle Tea and coffee Comfortable bathroom facili…



... Zane, the author of the timeless Riders of the Purple Sage and dozens of other novels of frontier life, was so enchanted by the Bay that he couldn't say enough about it. He returned again and again, recording his impressions of the area and of the game fishing experiences that led to him to hold two world records. $b...

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For a time

over a year ago: 1st May 2007
...The Bay of Islands just happened to be the first stop on my bus route that seemed to offer the I required. So I came here for three days: time enough to make it to New Zealands most northerly point − Cape Reinga − at the......

Last time we spoke, we had just visited the most Northerly tip of

over a year ago: 10th May 2008
...Cape Reinga and the meeting of the Tasman Sea and Pacific ocean was brilliant and the Bay of Islands in all its sun lapped glory was just as good. Scenic drives along back country roads kept our cameras working over time and allowed......

CIRCUMNAVIGATING THE GLOBE: A youthful realization − Uinta County Herald

over a year ago: 20th April 2011
...The three of us suddenly realized it was time to go, time to leave lovely northeast New Zealand, 1990, time to leave our new.. meadows and reached across the land locked waters of our Bay of Islands anchorage. First mate Lee hove home the jib sheet....

Bay of Islands

over a year ago: 9th March 2005
...They had traveled clockwise around the north (and Im headed counter clockwise on the Northliner) and seem to be having a great time in the car they bought, many time just pulling over at the slide of the road to sleep for the night.......

Last day in Kerikeri

over a year ago: 3rd November 2006
...Tomorrow we head back to Paihia and will stay at the Mousetrap as we enjoyed it so much last time. (Hopefully this time we wont be sharing a dorm with a 60yr old man who forgets to take his fogetful pills Worrying)......

Five Test Stars of the Future

over a year ago: 27th July 2008
...From time to time, desperation compels the West Indies to throw a youngster or two into the international fray, in the hope one of them finds his feet. It rarely succeeds, but Marshall might be the exception.......



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