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NZ to Tonga Yacht Regatta 2010

today: 20th May 2020
...31 yachts made their way from Opua, Bay of Islands, New Zealand to the Kingdom of Tonga last week. For the third year running, Pangaimotu Resort hosted the NZ to Tonga Yacht Regatta. Organised by New Zealanders John and Lin Martin of the Island Cruising Association, this year saw the largest number.....

Sailing by on Sal Darago: The South Islandf NZ

today: 16th January 2020
...Tutukaka Whale Bay and Whangamumu Opua and the Bay of Islands Bay of Islands 2 Bay of Islands To New Zealand Nomuka Iki Tonga to New Zealand Haafeva Island, Tonga Uoleva Island, Tonga.....

E book: 101 Dollar Saving Tips for Sailors − Sail World

today: 27th December 2020
...Finally after two years visiting the Galapagos, French Polynesia and Tonga, they make it to the Bay of Islands but not before riding through a tropical depression en route from Tonga, and a nailbiting account of a near miss from a rogue wave. Vincent.....


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