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Twin Pines Tourist Park

(campsites in paihia)
Twin Pines Tourist Park accommodation campsites photo Relax and unwind with the soothing sound of the falls and beautiful birdsong from the many trees surrounding our property. This will soon help you to relax and forget all the worries of the world. Enjoy your holiday in one of our cabins or self contained tourist flats. We also cater for te…



...ty that is the island of Urupukapuka, and stroll beneath the vibrant scarlet Pohutakawa trees. Or go horse riding on the numerous lush trails that wind their way across the span of the Bay. Marvel too at the ancient Giant Kauri Trees of the Waipou Forest, especially the extraordinary 2,000 year-old, 167 ft high Tan...

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Urupukapuka Island

over a year ago: 23rd December 2007
...Well after waiting a week, the 50 knot winds died down and we were able to once again get off the boat and enjoy the lovely Bay of Islands. Our last stop before departing for Auckland was Urupukapuka Island.......

Urupukapuka Island − Northland Events Guide, New Zealand − NZLive

today: 17th May 2020
...Urupukapuka Island is the largest island in the Bay of Islands and is historically important with a rich archaeological landscape. A total of 66 archaeological sites have already been identified on the 208ha island and there are many.....

Campers denied choice spots − New Zealand Herald

today: 8th January 2020
...So sun seekers wanting to book holidays at destinations like the Bay of Islands Urupukapuka Island have not been entirely surprised to find camping sites there booked out this month. Urupukapuka Island was made famous by American writer and outdoorsman.....

Urupukapuka Island

over a year ago: 8th January 2007
...Eu acampei em uma ilha ao norte de Auckland (3hrs),Urupukapuka Island, voc pode pegar um dos Fullers Ferry que sai de Paihia (30 Return). Eu tive muita sorte de ter um amigo que tem o seu proprio barco.......

The Cream Trip

over a year ago: 2nd October 2006
...It is run by Fullers, and involves a cruise around a large part of the Bay of Islands, including a stop at Urupukapuka Island, and a trip out to the Hole in the Rock just past Cape Brett in the Pacific Ocean.......

Back in Auckland for Saturday February 10th After

over a year ago: 9th February 2007
...Snorkelled the next day off of Urupukapuka Island − Zane Greys old Marlin fishing base camp. No porpises for me. Did some hikes to see old Maori sites there. Earthenworks defenses remain. Stopped off at Russell on the way back − an old......



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