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Austria Motel

(motels in paihia)
Austria Motel accommodation motels photo Austria Motel − a friendly, quiet, clean and comfortable, family run motel − is situated right in the middle of Paihia, the gateway to the Bay of Islands. Enjoy the spaciousness of our self contained large modern superior studio rooms. All rooms come with queen size beds, plus …

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New Zealand Vacation

over a year ago: 9th January 2008
...Our New Zealand vacation means a lot of time with family but we also get our fair share of sun at the beach. We normally go up north to the Bay Of Islands for a week and just relax. But we also go swimming with the dolphins and go on a......

Things to Do in Fort Worth, TX during the Super Bowl Writing..

today: 1st February 2020
...Horseback Riding Vacation with Hawaii Paso Finos, Big Island, Hawaii Horseback Riding Vacation, Bay of Islands, New Zealand Anna Ranch Horseback Riding Vacation, Waimea, Hawaii Horseback Riding Vacation in Reykjavik, Iceland.....

Bay of Islands, New Zealand : Vacation

over a year ago: 5th December 2007
...We rented a car and off we went, on our way to the Bay of Islands, an approximate three hour drive North of Auckland. Driving on the left hand side of the road can be a challenge, we found in the cities it was easy to just follow the......

The Bay of Islands

over a year ago: 31st March 2008
...After leaving the caves at Waitoma we stopped off outside of Auckland to break up our trip to the Bay of Islands a vacation hotspot a couple of hours north of Auckland. We stayed in a Top 10 Holiday Park in Manukau.......

Beyond Auckland

over a year ago: 20th January 2008 we drove north and ended up in a region called bay of islands, in a town called paihia ( sounds like, pie heeyah). its a touristy vacation town right on the water, and we stayed at a hostel called the mousetrap it was a cool,......




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