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Round the World Travel Adventures: We Want to See the Volcano Erupt

today: 27th May 2020
...10): Bats & Stuff Bye Bye Kiwis, Hello Aussies Bay of Islands: Paihia To the Tip of New Zealand and Back Pipi Patch Party (its fun to say) February (23). Oh My Gawd; Whale Watching and Dolphins Wine Time.....

Intrepid Travel Trips of a Lifetime The Volcano Trail Northbound..

today: 5th May 2020
...Explore New Zealands northern heartland from the secluded beaches of the coast to the volcanic craters of the central plateau. Adventure activities abound sea kayaking snorkelling on our Bay of Islands adventure cruise,.....

Im Alive

over a year ago: 13th May 2008
...Tomorrow we are taking a yacht through the Bay of Islands. The weather has been wonderful and hopefully tomorrow will be great as well. Mt. Eden, Auckland: that green bowl is an extinct volcano crater. So far Ive determined New Zealand......


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Volcano in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand