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Waiora Valley

(lodges in paihia)
Waiora Valley accommodation lodges photo Just minutes from Paihias main beach, Waiora offers warm hospitality and a tranquil atmosphere. Enjoy fine accommodation and the relaxation and health giving benefits of a therapeutic massage or aromatherapy treatment in house.Far from the pace and crowds of the city, Waiora sits on a gent…

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Alex on the high trapeze

today: 18th February 2020
...At Waiora Valley Adventure World in Paihia, New Zealand....

Alex on the Rings

today: 18th February 2020
...10 year old Alex on the trapeze rings at the Waiora Valley Adventure World in Paihia, New Zealand....

North Island, NZ (the end of the world)

over a year ago: 6th March 2007
...Anyway, in Paihia we choose not to do one of the over priced dolphin swimming or cruises around the bays, but instead drove around the edges of the mainland taking photos and relaxing. The next day we went to Waiora Valley Adventure......

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Waiora in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand