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Bay of Islands and Waipoua Forest

today: 8th November 2020
...I did a day trip yesterday to the Bay of Islands and the Waipoua Forest. View Larger Map. I didnt take many photos and the ones I took were...

Footprints Waipoua a Spiritual Encounter with the Giants of an..

today: 5th October 2020
...About three and a half hours drive from Auckland or about one hour drive from Bay of Islands you can reach Opononi in Hokianga of North Island. There awaits the Footprint Waipoua, a not to be missed attraction in Hokianga, New Zealand...

Rotorua Luxury Lodges Geocaching Eggspedition

over a year ago: 8th March 2008
...Scoop − New Zealand Doubtless Bay Villas, Cable Bay; Cavalli Island Retreat and Spa, Cavalli Islands; Paihia Beach Resort and Spa, Bay of Islands; Bay of Island Lodge, Bay of Islands; Oceanic Discoverer; Mission Hills, Bay of Islands; Waipoua Lodge, Waipoua......

Scoop: A Family of Ancient Trees

today: 10th April 2020
...Kauri Museum Curator, Betty Nelley, Stephen King of Waipoua Forest Trust, Shane Lloyd of Copthorne Hokianga Waipoua Footprints and Alex Nathan, representing Te Roroa, travelled to Yakushima, a World Heritage site, early last month...

Northland − Northern Exposure Tour Jan 08

over a year ago: 26th December 2007
...Ride from Auckland up the West Coast via Waipoua Forest and Opononi to Kaitaia then to the Lighthouse Cape Reinga and then back down the East Coast via the Bay of Islands over 3 days. (With a bit of exploring in between)......

Northland Holidays

over a year ago: 31st December 2005
...Kaitai, no offense, is a hole; Shipwreck Bay is good fun − especially when fanging it; Russell Top 10 Holiday park has the nicest view from any ablution block; Waipoua Forest DOC campsite is, hands down, the nicest campsite in NZ.......

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Waipoua in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand