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Police numbers increase in teen case (TVNZ)

today: 4th November 2020
...Police have increased the number of staff investigating the killing of Liberty Templeman in Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands. The body of the 15 year old was found in a overgrown orchard on the banks of the Wairoa stream on Sunday after she disappeared on Saturday night....

lisanf489 − In the stream they called. We feel hot and dirty..

today: 9th August 2020
...In the neighbourhood of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand I observed that the shores were scattered to some height as at Van Diemens Land with sea shells which the colonists attribute to the natives. (I will here give a catalogue of.....

Brisbane Brisbane.

over a year ago: 5th May 2007
...We made a stop on the beach to dig up pippies, which are a shellfish I previously dug up in Bay of Islands in New Zealand. They are quite amusing little things. From there we went to Eli Creek, which is a crystal clear stream running......



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Wairoa Stream in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand