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Old navy lady scuttled − TVNZ

over a year ago: 3rd November 2007
...Old navy lady scuttledTVNZ, New Zealand − Nov 3, 2007The Bay of Islands Charitable Trust has since stripped the Canterbury of all her toxic material and the warship will now take on another life as a dive......

Frigate to be sunk in Northland today

over a year ago: 6th November 2007
...New Zealand Herald : Organisers believe the stage is set for the former Navy frigate HMNZS Canterbury to be sunk as a diving and marine tourism attraction in the Bay of Islands. Barring any last minute holdups, the 3000 tonne, 113m warship will begin......

Sinking of frigate delayed by weather

over a year ago: 3rd November 2007
...New Zealand Herald : Bad weather has delayed the sinking of the navys last steam warship as a dive attraction in the Bay of Islands. Controlled explosions were to have blown about 12 holes in the hull of the 3000 tonne Leander Class frigate, the former......

Bomb scare in Northland

over a year ago: 29th March 2008
...7 December 2005 Police are continuing to question a man over a bomb scare in Northland.Defence Force experts are on their way to the Waitangi Golf Club in Paihia, following the discovery of a home ......


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Warship Bomb in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand