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Opua Motel

(motels in opua)
Opua Motel accommodation motels photo Fabulous surroundings with bush outback, ferns and bird songs, tranquil views of the surrounding bays and the Opua wharf inlet during the day and a canopy of stars during the night provide the perfect setting for a relaxed getaway, at the Opua Motel.Welcome to a peaceful and happy stay at …

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Whale Watching in New Zealand

today: 19th October 2020
...For those who want to enjoy whale watching in New Zealand but find themselves on the North Island, there are a view places where you can book tours. Auckland and the Bay of Islands are your two best bets up north, so youll want to.....

Round the World Travel Adventures: Swimming with Whale Sharks

today: 27th May 2020
...10): Bats & Stuff Bye Bye Kiwis, Hello Aussies Bay of Islands: Paihia To the Tip of New Zealand and Back Pipi Patch Party (its fun to say) February (23). Oh My Gawd; Whale Watching and Dolphins Wine Time.....

Killer whale hunts, kills in rare footage 3News

today: 26th March 2020
...3News Killer whale hunts, kills in rare footage 3News Tourists on a whale watching cruise in the Bay of Islands have witnessed something spectacular that no one in New Zealand has seen before. Read the original post: Killer whale hunts, kills in rare footage 3News Visit Baja.....

Amazing Discounts Affordable Campervan Hire NZ

today: 4th July 2020
...Cruise through the sheltered waters of the Bay of Islands with Awesome NZ towards Cape Brett Lighthouse, before arriving at the majestic Hole in the Rock on Fullers purpose built Whale and Dolphin catamaran, Dolphin Seeker...

Day 46 − Russell

over a year ago: 31st March 2008
...From here we went back to Paihia and the Pipi Patch. Since then we have just chilled out, played some cards and watching the Super 12. We plan to go back to the bar again tonight to make full use of the happy hour.......

Northern Exposure (NZ)

over a year ago: 3rd November 2006
...The Bay of Islands was beautiful as well, we took a Cream boat cruise through turquoise and deep blue waters to visit dozens of coves, islands and rock formations. The highlight of the day however was watching a pod of Bottle Nose......



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