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Earl Grey Fishing

(fishing in paihia)
Earl Grey Fishing activities fishing photo Earl Grey Fishing Charters (as featured on Sir Peter Blakes \Favourite Places\ Documentary) is based in the beautiful Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand, under three hours drive north of Auckland. With 144 islands and many secluded beaches, the area provides a great opportunity to fish…



...ts, whilst marvelling at whales surfacing far out amongst the Bay's some 150 islands - many of which remain relatively unexplored. And, around the Poor Knights Islands that he would have undoubtedly known, there is diving that Jacques Cousteau rated as amongst the very best in the world, with an abundance of marine wil...

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Sunday Canadian Travel Video Whales and Icebergs in..

today: 21st August 2020
...Unfortunately, being from the prairies, it was quite a while before I actually saw any, the first being those two sad Dolphins in West Edmonton Mall, the second a wild pod in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. So I chose this video because I love.....

Three whales die after stranding

over a year ago: 8th March 2008
...New Zealand Herald : − Mita Harris, DoC Bay of Islands programme manager for biodiversity, said both dead female whales were about 5m to 6m long and The New Zealand Herald: nzherald Privacy Policy Terms of Use Group Sites Copyright 2008, APN Holdings NZ Limited Served......

Encounters with Whales and Dolphins in New Zealand − Travel Video

today: 8th November 2020
...Throughout New Zealand, there are many opportunities to swim with the playful creatures in the open sea, rather than in penned aquarium cages. Daily tour boats operate from a number of ports throughout the country, including the Bay of Islands, Auckland.....

In the southern hemisphere, no one can hear you blog

today: 21st March 2020
...After a couple days in NZ sprawl, I caught a Stray bus north to Paihia in the Bay of Islands. I spent a week up there, hiking, sand boarding, boating, eating pies, and brushing up on my beer pong skills. I saw whales, waterfalls, cows,.....


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