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Bay Of Islands Cottages

(bed & breakfast in russell)
Bay Of Islands Cottages accommodation bed-n-breakfast photo Bay of Islands Cottages is hidden away and quiet, by the beach and bush, with ponga ferns and flowers all around. Watch the calm Bay waters in the light sea breeze as you enjoy our special cooked breakfast.We have a rowboat, go fishing and swimming. Our beds are firm and our sheets pure co…

Bay Of Islands Resort

(motels in paihia) default listing image A mix of old new facilities − targeting both the FAMILY market the Tourist, we enjoy this lively holiday town of Paihia, situated in the middle of the Bay of Islands.

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RoamingGnomes: Bay of Islands − Night One

today: 4th June 2020
...So we left this afternoon for an area of the North Island called Bay of Islands. It is about a 4 hour drive from Auckland and in the region of New Zealand called Northland. It was a rather scenic drive and culminated with having to.....

Four winched to safety in rough sea rescues

over a year ago: 11th March 2008
...New Zealand Herald : − Two yachtsmen and two fishermen have been winched to safety after rough seas in Northland saw the coastguard called out three times today. The two yachties, aged 65 and 58, called the Bay of Islands Coastguard for help at 11.40pm yesterday after......

New Zealand. North Island

over a year ago: 18th April 2008
...First stop was the very North, an area called The Bay of Islands. We stayed in this little town called Paihia on the coast for 1 night and I was lucky enough to be in a room with these 2 boys from Nottingham that farted all night.......

Beyond Auckland

over a year ago: 20th January 2008 we drove north and ended up in a region called bay of islands, in a town called paihia ( sounds like, pie heeyah). its a touristy vacation town right on the water, and we stayed at a hostel called the mousetrap it was a cool,......

July Update

over a year ago: 1st July 2006
...We also spent a weekend in a place 4 hours north of Auckland (the winterless North) called Paihia − a seaside town. Where the kids and both Ians went on a really fast boat called Mack Attack and spent 1.5 hours out at sea.......

Travel Blog 4

over a year ago: 1st January 2007
...0910 − Stray tour − the Bay of Islands. Headed up to the bay of islands with a driver called Gerrard. Stayed at a hostel called pipi patch which was nice. 1010 − Took a tour up to Cape Reinga, the most northern part of NZ.......



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