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...t for yourself - just as Zane Gray did nearly ninety years ago. Little has changed since then. For all of Zane's efforts, the Bay's remoteness seems destined to keep it a relative secret outside New Zealand. And if, upon reading his words, it might seem to the reader as though he was writing a love letter, then ma...

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The Zane grey museum Road Zane Grey Museum in Norwich is well

over a year ago: 26th December 2007
...Bay of Islands, New Zealand : If experiencing New Zealands natural treasures, forests and water intensive activities is important to you, this may be the highlight of your entire cruise.......

Bay of Islands − paradise in NZ

over a year ago: 13th April 2008
...Jump off a boat onto an island in the exotic Bay of Islands in the Far North of New Zealand and you could be forgiven for daydreaming for a while. The haunt of past adventurers like Zane Grey, theres plenty of islands (a few hundred)......

New Zealand photo 7

over a year ago: 11th April 2008
...Still staying in Paihia, we took a cruise around the Bay of Islands. As opposed to how gray it was when we went to Russell, this day was the absolute most perfect day possible: bright, clear, and warm. (Even though the natives kept......

Back in Auckland for Saturday February 10th After

over a year ago: 9th February 2007
...Snorkelled the next day off of Urupukapuka Island − Zane Greys old Marlin fishing base camp. No porpises for me. Did some hikes to see old Maori sites there. Earthenworks defenses remain. Stopped off at Russell on the way back − an old......

Oh BOI ( Bay of Islands Day 1 − the Road to Paihia)

over a year ago: 10th May 2008
...I am staying at the Marlin Court motel (the American author of cowboy novels Zane Grey made this place famous by fishing for marlin in this area) and I have a clean, well furnished self catering apartment with a double and single bed (a......

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Zane Gray in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand